Cannabis Card Philadelphia

You may have thought it was too difficult or costly to get your cannabis card in Philadelphia when the fact is, the process is simple, affordable, and accessible to all PA residents who suffer from a qualifying debilitating medical condition. If you live every day with chronic pain or are dealing with symptoms from a medical condition that is diminishing your quality of life, Nature's Way Medicine can streamline the process of getting your medical marijuana card online in Philadelphia. Watch our website's easy-to-understand video or read about our 4-step process made possible by medical marijuana doctors in Philadelphia.

How To Get Your Med Card On the First Try In Philadelphia, PA?

Step One: Register with the Pennsylvania department of health. You'll need a current PA state ID card with PennDOT that indicates your current address on file with PennDOT. A laptop or desktop computer is required with Internet Explorer or Chrome installed as the browser. If assistance is needed at any point along the way, feel free to contact the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program at

Step Two: Once you've completed the first step, you can sign up for our program at Nature's Way Medicine. After clicking the green ‘sign up' button on our website, be sure to continue reading the instructions as indicated on our site. Ask your doctor to fax us your medical records before scheduling your online medical marijuana evaluation or email them to us.

Step Three: Schedule your in-person or video appointment through our website. You may find that a virtual assessment is far more convenient, however, we make both options available to our clients so that you can choose the best way to get a medical card in Philadelphia, PA.

Step Four: Pay online or in-person, depending on the type of assessment you've chosen; you may wish to wait until you've been approved for your cannabis card in Philadelphia before you pay, which is perfectly fine. You'll also need to pay $50 for your card on the Department of Health website- again, if you wish to wait for your approval before paying, it's not a problem. Once you've paid for all of the services provided, your card will be mailed to you and should be received in 5-10 business days.

Preventing A Lapse In Your Card

Most medical marijuana patients are approved for one year. It's advisable to schedule a follow-up appointment within 4-6 weeks of your card's expiration. If you find that medicinal marijuana helps your medical condition, you'll want to ensure your PA cannabis card does not expire, otherwise, you'll experience a delay in being able to access your medication.

See our website for a complete list of cannabis stores throughout the state of Pennsylvania and choose the one that's most convenient for you. When you're ready, schedule an appointment to get medical cannabis for your qualifying condition. Take the time to explore our Web resources to learn more about qualifying medical conditions and stay up-to-date with the latest cannabis news and research from around PA.

Cannabis Card Philadelphia

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